How to Shoot Portraits at Sunset


How to Shoot Portraits at Sunset Perfectly

Taking pictures in bright sunlight is gorgeous, but tricky. In today’s post we’ll walk through step by step how you can take incredible portraits at sunset each and every time.

best free Lightroom presets


Best Free Lightroom Presets Of 2020

We’ve curated the top 15 BEST and FREE Lightroom photo presets of 2020. There are many comprehensive lists of presets out there, but not many of them are very good or worth trying. In this list, you’ll find only the best for your photography.


Top 10 Gift Ideas for Mom Photographers That You Haven’t Seen Before

Unlike other generic gift guides, we’ve curated and handpicked each item with the photography lover in mind. Being a mom photographer myself, I put together a list of a few of my absolute favorite things that would make great gifts for that professional or hobbyist photographer in your life.


Best Way to Organize Digital Photos and Videos

In today’s post we’re tackling how to get all those digital photos and videos organized as well as the easiest methods to keep you organized for years to come. We’ll learn all about how to structure files and folders as well as the best places to store them and how to use external hard drives and the cloud.

How to Use DSLR


Your Essential Guide: How to Use a DSLR Camera

A complete guide to shooting in manual mode with your DSLR camera. Once you’ve mastered the basics of exposure and how to easily control exposure with your camera, you will have complete creative freedom to shoot photos and videos like a professional.

Lifestyle Photograph of Big Family


How to Photograph a Big Family: 5 Tips

Photographing a large family with four kids or more can be daunting. Here are 5 quick and easy tips that I use all the time during my family sessions to be better prepared, have more fun, and take better pictures.