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130 Best Hashtags For Filmmaking : The Ultimate List

December 11, 2019

Top Hashtags for Filmmaking

We live in a content driven world where visual media is shared endlessly.

As filmmakers and visual storytellers, we want to be sure not only that we are sharing great content, but that the stuff we share actually gets seen and noticed.

When finding the perfect hashtags, you have to find the perfect balance between hashtags that have enough popularity to gain some traction, but that aren’t so large that you’re just lost in an ocean of millions of posts.

As a filmmaker myself, I’ve done some research and pulled together an ongoing list of some of the best hashtags out there for others like myself. Feel free to copy and paste as you wish.

How Hashtags Work

If you’re already familiar, go ahead and skip down to find some hashtags, but for those who would like to know the ins and outs of hashtags, read on.

Hashtags are simply keywords or search terms that clearly describe your content so that others who are searching for those keywords will be able to quickly and easily find your post.

Simply by putting a # symbol in front of any keyword or set of keywords, like: #filmmaking #cameratips, you can rank your posts higher in search results on various platforms. Just about every social platform now implements hashtags, so go ahead and use them on instagram, twitter, pinterest, youtube, facebook, etc.

Grow Your Audience

Hashtags were created as a way to curate content that fits your audience so that they can easily find what they are interested in. Use this knowledge to your advantage.

With Instagram, you can now follow specific hashtags within your feed. Go ahead and search out some of the hashtags that you think would fit your content. Then go and research what others who are following that content are looking at and posting. Befriend and follow them.

There is very much a give and take community when it comes to building your social media platform.

If you give more than you receive, you’ll quickly find your following and your audience growing as well. So follow others within your community, engage in their posts. Like their posts and make thoughtful comments. They will start to notice you and so will their followers.

How Many Hashtags Should I Use?

This ultimately depends on the platform you are using. For more on posting to twitter, facebook, and youtube, check out this post over on hootsuite.

We’ll focus on how many is ideal to post on Instagram here. From my research, I have found that 30 quality hashtags are best for posting on Instagram. Of those 30, 2-3 should be general, high-volume with a lot of popularity behind them. The rest should be specific and unique to finding highly engaged followers.

While it seems like using super high volume and popular hashtags would drive the most engagement, the opposite is true in the long run. You may get some likes and follows, but if they are from bots or those not truly interested in your content, then you’ll notice they unfollow within hours or days. That’s not a way to grow a truly engaged following.

I recommend copy and pasting a few key lists of hashtags that you know you’ll use often into the notes app on your phone. That way you can quickly add them to your posts each time, curating or changing a couple here and there for each post.

For more on the specifics of how to best format your hashtags on Instagram, Louism has a great, in depth post about it over here.

How to Find Great Hashtags

Before I get into the list that I created for you, let’s talk for a minute about how and why I chose these hashtags.

  1. Research influencers in your field - They are the ones doing it right, so don’t be afraid to take a look at some of the effective hashtags they are using.
  2. Be specific - Again it’s a balance, but don’t just use broad terms like #videography. You will be lost in millions of other posts. Niche down to describe your content more specifically to find those truly interested in it. You can use #videography, but use a handful of more specific tags along with it, like #premiereprotutorial
  3. Use a third party tool - There are a few very handy (and free) tools out there that will do a lot of the leg work for you. One great one is called ritetag.
  4. Specify your gear - Specific to us filmmakers is a desire to see what others are doing with equipment that we love and that we want, so be sure to use specific brand names in your tags to identify your favorite gear.

130 Hashtags for Filmmakers : The Ultimate List

Here are some ideas to get you started. Again, remember to only use key words that are actually relevant to your content. Not all of these can fit the mold for everyone, so take these as a starting point to pick and choose what suites you best.

It’s also not best practice to fit in as many hashtags as possible.

Some platforms actually perform better when you use less hashtags, so do a little research depending on where you’ll be posting to find out the best number to use at one time. For specific on best practices for posting on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, and Facebook, there’s a great breakdown over on hootsuite.

General and Broad Matches:

#instafilmmaker #instafilm #instafilmmaking #filmmaking #filmmaker #indiefilm #creativedirector #filmnerd #filmcrew #cinematic #cinematography #filmmakers #filmmakersworld #behindthescenes #videoproduction #videography #setlife #productionlife #filmproduction #cameraoperator #videographer #onset #bts #shortfilm #filmmakerslife #dop #musicvideodirector #videoeditor #filmdirector #videodirector #photographylovers #doplife #filmwave #filmcommunity #filmfeed #videomaker #videoshoot #cinema #producer #hollywood #filmmakersreel #filmmakersproblem #FilmmakerSpotlight #filmmakersontour #filmmakersofinstagram #filmmakerslifestyle #filmmakersheadache #filmmakersfriday #filmmakersalute #filmmakerstudio

Post Production // Color Correction:

#davinciresolve #colorgrade #colorgrading #lut #finalcut #moviemakers #colourgrade #colourgrading #colorgrading #visualeffects #cameralust #fcpx #adobepremiere #premierepro #finalcutprox #finalcutpro #finalcut #adobepremierepro #aftereffects #visualeffect #editor #videoeditor #videoedits #premiereproducts #premiereprocc #premiereprogram #premiereproeditor

Cameras // Lighting // Audio // General Equipment:

#bmpcc6k #studio #studiosetup #workspace #workstation⁣ #cameragear #mozaair #djironin #drone #arrialexa #redepic #lighting #lightingsetup #gaffer #videogear #ursamini #panasonicgh5 #canon #fujifilm #sony #gimbal #djironins #focuspuller #lens #lenses #primelens #primelenses #sonycamera #djiglobal #djing #djiphantom #djimavic #djimavicpro #djispark #djiphantom3 #djiphantom4 #djiinspire1 #djiinspire #djiphantom4pro #djiosmo #djicreator #djiphantom3professional #djidrone #djiphantom2 #djidrones #djiphoto #djiphantom3advanced #djipilot #djiphantom3standard #djiinspire2 #DJICreators #djiworld #djironinm

I hope you enjoyed this list of hashtags. Let me know if I missed any great ones in the comments below.

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