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Canon 1DX Mark II

In case you’re curious, this is the camera that I use on a daily basis. It is heavy and large, but I’m willing to sacrifice a little bit of comfort in order to achieve such incredible image and video quality. My favorite feature about this camera is it’s excellent ability to follow focus as I shoot video. I find this feature invaluable as I am constantly tracking quickly moving kiddos.

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Fujifilm X-T4
Another solid choice for those looking to shoot with something a little more affordable, compact, and yet still great quality. My husband shoots with this camera, so I can say with confidence that it’s awesome. It shoots 4k video, handles low light well, and is incredibly fast for a mirrorless camera. The size is also really nice - much smaller than a typical DSLR, so it is a great choice for traveling and on the go shoots.
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Canon 7D Mark II
An excellent choice for entry level DSLR video and photography. This was the camera I started with and used for years, even for commercial gigs. Highly recommend as a solid entry level choice.
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Canon 5D Mark IV
This is the camera I used in between owning the 7D and my current 1DX. Perhaps the most popular choice out there among lifestyle photographers, this camera handles both video and photo exceptionally well. It’s a good mid-range price point that is still affordable for professionals or serious hobbyists. Can’t go wrong with this one.
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Canon 40mm Lens (Best Gift Idea)
I LOVE this compact little lens. This is my everyday, go-to choice, especially if we are out and about. It’s also my favorite for trips and vacations. Because my camera body is so stinking big, this lens helps me manage some space and size when we are traveling. And for the price of this lens, it is super sharp and fast. I highly recommend adding this to your main kit. Great gift idea since the price is so affordable.
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Canon 24-70mm
Another must have for a full kit. This lens is a bit bulky, but it is such a great lens that I still choose to bring it on trips with me. If you had to pick just one lens to buy and keep on your camera at all times, this would be it. Since it’s a zoom lens, you can capture a variety of angles without changing lenses. Close-ups, wide shots, portraits, landscapes, you name it.
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Canon 35mm
Fastest lens for low light scenarios and the best for capturing that airy, dreamy look. Because the aperture is so wide, you can do a lot with this lens. It’s my go to for indoor newborn shoots, as well as shots of my littles around the house. 35mm most mimics what your eye sees, so it’s great for that real-life, documentary feeling.
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Canon 135mm
My go-to lens for portraits. This is the lens I use mostly during family shoots to get those crisp, super sharp portraits, with creamy and beautifully blurred colors and shapes in the background. Plus this lens is actually relatively affordable.
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Thanks for checking out all of my favorite things. Not only have I tested all of these products, I stand behind each and every one of them. As an amazon affiliate, I do receive compensation for mentioning my favorite resources, however any commission that I earn comes at no cost to you. I hope you end up enjoying some of these helpful tools as much as I do!
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