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Photographing the Townsend Family

I loved getting to spend a little time with this super fun crew outside in the beautiful fall weather before it starts getting too cold out. Early fall evenings are just the best, especially with all these sweet, smiling faces. There’s something about the evening light in fall that is just amazing, am I right? I don’t know what it is, but it seems to have an extra deep orange glow. When you can capture it just right, the backlight makes the photos feel magical. Maybe it’s just that I have an extra love for fall in the air. So many wonderful aromas and memories begin to come flooding back right around this time. Moods are high with anticipation of the coming holiday season and it’s just wonderful all around. Aaaaanyway… check out a few more from our evening together.

The kids had lots of fun throwing rocks into the water and roaming the grassy fields. We pretty much had the area to ourselves, which was a welcomed surprise. Their little (not-so-little) fur-sibling also did a great job and sure did rock the picture taking. What a sweet little model. With kids this age and large families, it’s a great idea to get out there and just have some fun. Yes, portraits are wonderful to have as well, but these are the moments that I would hang up on my walls. Plus that light, wow.

Thank you to the Townsend Family for letting me get to know you all a bit better and allowing me to take your family pictures this evening.

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