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Sell Stock Photos Online | My Monthly Income Report for October 2019

November 6, 2019

Sell Stock Photos Online | My Monthly Income Report for October 2019

Can you actually make money selling stock photos and footage online? That is the burning question around here.

It’s the same question I had 3 years ago when I first began uploading a few photos to Shutterstock. Would it actually be worth my time? In case you’re interested, here’s a recap of exactly how much I made my very first year selling stock photos.

Each month I share exactly how much income I make as a stock contributor on Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, and Pond5. Through this data, I’ve been able to clearly document which stock website is the best for selling stock photos and footage, as well as a number of other factors - like ease of uploads, keyword tagging, etc.

For more information on which is the best stock footage site, you can check out this post all about it.

Now, onto the numbers for October.

Here is a quick graph showing you an overview of how sales have been going for the past year across all three sites: Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, and Pond5.

Total Stock Photo + Video Sales for 2019

Total photo and video sales for November


Want to dive even deeper? If you’ve read my monthly income reports then you already know that I haven’t added a single clip or photo to my portfolio since January this year, and yet I’m still making hundreds of dollars each and every month from photo and video sales. It’s the easiest money I’ve ever made. I’m walking you through exactly how to do it, even with a small portfolio of HD clips.

You’ll receive a beautiful 20 page PDF filled with valuable content packed full of insider tricks, including

  • Top 8 categories and genres of stock
  • Growing your portfolio into a money making machine (literally)
  • How to find keywords that will quickly rank high in search results so that your photos and video clips sell over and over again
The Ultimate Guide to Selling Stock Bundle

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Shutterstock Total Earnings for October: $72.19

(25 total downloads)

Videos: $62.40

Photos: $9.79

My current catalog includes 444 images and 469 videos.

Shutterstock income from October 2019

Best selling images for October

Here were my top two photo earners this month:

best selling image shutterstock.jpg
top shutterstock photo sales.jpg

If you are not yet a Shutterstock contributor, I think it’s the best site overall and a great place to start your stock journey.



Pond5 Total Earnings for October: $63.29

(4 total downloads)

Videos: $63.29

Photos: none (I don’t think Pond5 markets photo sales on their site anymore. I almost never get any photo sales here.)

Pond5 Earnings for October.jpg


Adobe Stock Total Earnings for October: $31.63

(5 total downloads)

Videos: $28

Photos: $3.63

Adobe Stock Earnings for October.jpg


All around it’s been a fairly decent month - nothing great, but not as bad as last month.

Monthly totals across all sites ended up at $167.11 - and I’ll take it. For truly passive income (and it was since I haven’t touched my accounts since earlier this year) that’s not a bad number.

The past three months have been consistently a little lower than average. Because I am documenting my progress so closely, I am starting to see trends more easily. I suspect that the end of the year purchases will slow down among stock customers because of the holidays and end of the year budgets getting tighter among ad agencies and other businesses that use various stock imagery for advertisements. But with two month months to go in 2019 we will see what happens!

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Happy fall and happy shooting!



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