Realistic Income from Stock Photography | June 2019 Monthly Report

2019 stock footage earnings

Can you really make money selling images online?

This may have been my exact google search a few years ago when I decided to try and sell some of my photographs online.

Ultimately, I decided I needed to just give it a try. But if you are like me and want a little knowledge upfront of whether it might be worth your time, then this post was made for you.

I am going to lay out exactly how much money I made selling both photos and videos this month.

I will break down the totals by each of the three sites that I regularly upload to: Shutterstock, Pond5, and Adobe Stock.

If you are interested in a breakdown of why I chose these three sites and what I like about each of them, be sure and check out my analysis here.

Ok, let’s get to it.


1 | SHUTTERSTOCK, June 2019

shutterstock earnings for june 2019

The bottom line is the one to pay attention to here - $160.56 total for 25 downloads.

From photos, I earned $7.78, and from video clips I earned $152.68.

My stock image library currently contains 444 photos and 469 video clips total. Here is the most downloaded photo from the month of June.

Top photo download for June 2019 on Shutterstock

Top photo download for June 2019 on Shutterstock

Top earning Shutterstock video clip here, in case you’re interested.


2 | ADOBE STOCK, June 2019

Adobe stock sales june 2019

Total sales for June 2019 on Adobe Stock were $0.33, from ONE photo sale.

Staggeringly low. I am not sure what has made the difference with Adobe the past few months, but I have seen a drop from an average of about $50 per month to two months where I have made less than $1.

Time will tell if this is a new trend or just a fluke. Let me know in the comments below if any of you have had similar experiences with Adobe recently.

I currently have 202 photos and 495 video clips in my catalog there.


3 | POND5, June 2019

Pond5 earnings for June 2019

My total earnings from Pond5 in June 2019 were $63.76 from one video download, as you see above.

Not terrible for one download, but I would definitely like to see the consistency and ratio of downloads increase on Pond5.

I currently have 606 video clips in my catalog. Nothing to note with photos, as I don’t think they are marketing photos at all anymore.

Concluding Thoughts

In summary, Shutterstock continues to be the most consistent source of passive income through stock imagery among the three main sites that I have been using.

I will be continuing to post more topics in the coming weeks, as well as more tip and tricks (including this post where I give away a few of my most profitable secrets) for all you other stock contributors out there, so be sure to subscribe below so you can follow along.