Baby Micah, Fresh 48 Photography Session

close up father's hands

Baby Micah Fresh 48 Lifestyle Photography Session

Congratulations to these dear friends on the birth of their sweet baby girl, Micah. As always, you just don’t know what to expect come delivery date. This momma thought she had time to take a shower and get ready before the big debut, but boy was she wrong. Her hubby came in to find her doubled over in the shower. It was time to go! Off they rushed to the hospital, arriving just in time to push that baby girl into the bright world. The midwife had to rush her way to the hospital asap. After calling a babysitter, but then deciding it would take too long, she hauled her kids into the car and brought them with her, barefoot and all.

After quite the entry into this world, I was so happy and thrilled to meet this sweet girl and witness this sweet family’s first few moments as a family of four, including her brother’s first introduction to the new baby - sooo precious.

A hospital session, also known as a Fresh 48, takes place within the first two days of baby’s life. Typically I will meet you and baby at the hospital for a few photos of some of your first moments as a family. Fresh 48 sessions are one of my absolute favorite types of lifestyle photography and videography. It is such a sweet and precious time for a growing family. The authentic emotions and natural moments just cannot be reproduced. If you have never heard of a fresh 48 session and would like more details about exactly what they are you can find more information here. Go ahead and contact me if you are interested in booking a session for yourself! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy gawking at this gorgeous baby with me.