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Stock Footage Monthly Income Report for August 2019

September 3, 2019

How much money I made selling stock in August 2019

It’s that time again when I share all the details of what I made this month from selling stock footage and photography across three major stock sites: Shutterstock, Pond5, and Adobe Stock.


Shutterstock Total Earnings for August: $139.92

(25 total downloads)

Videos: $129.23

Photos: $10.69

My current catalog includes 444 images and 469 videos.

Shutterstock August Income.png

Best selling image

This one has gained a good amount of traction this month and is beginning to sell more frequently. It sold for a total of seven times.

To learn more about how to shoot and upload images that will experience this ‘snowball’ effect by ranking higher in the search results and thus selling more frequently, you can check out this post that includes my top 5 tips and tricks for how to best shoot and tag your stock imagery.

best selling shutterstock image.jpg

Best selling footage

For this entire year, this video has been my top seller each month. This month it sold twice for a total of $62.17.

best selling shutterstock video.jpg

For those interested in becoming a Shutterstock contributor, you can start here.



Want to dive even deeper? If you’ve read my monthly income reports then you already know that I haven’t added a single clip or photo to my portfolio since January this year, and yet I’m still making hundreds of dollars each and every month from photo and video sales. It’s the easiest money I’ve ever made. I’m walking you through exactly how to do it, even with a small portfolio of HD clips.

You’ll receive a beautiful 20 page PDF filled with valuable content packed full of insider tricks, including

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Pond5 Total Earnings for August: $53.84

(4 total downloads)

Videos: $53.84

Photos: none

(note: I don’t think Pond5 markets photo sales on their site anymore. I almost never get any photo sales here.)

Pond5 August Earnings.png

Nothing crazy to note this month with Pond5 other than the fact that I’m pretty excited to have two drone footage sales. My husband and I just started experimenting with the drone this past fall. I uploaded a handful of shots from a trip out west and I’ve been very curious to see how they do.

I hear about a lot of other stock contributors uploading drone shots, so I’m skeptical that the niche may be oversaturated, but I’m hoping to be proven wrong.

I uploaded these in March and have begun seeing sales from them for the first time this month on Pond5 as well as Adobe Stock as you’ll see in a moment.

In case you’re curious how long it typically takes for footage to sell once you’ve uploaded it, I recently made a post all about my experience here.


Adobe Stock Total Earnings for August: $65.28

(4 total downloads)

Videos: $63.30

Photos: $1.98

adobe stock august earnings.png

Finally, a decent month on Adobe Stock!

If you’ve been following along with my monthly income reports, you may have noticed a sharp decline in monthly earnings from Adobe Stock. I have no idea why yet, but I’m happy this month wasn’t so bad.

All the difference came from one video sale. It is a drone shot through the Gallatin Mountains near Bozeman, Montana. I obviously hope this trend continues but only time will tell.


Overall it’s been a pretty average month of stock footage earnings: not great, but not too bad.

Here was the grand total across all sites in case you’re interested: $259.04

And here is a breakdown by site and month so far for 2019.

Total Monthly Earnings for 2019

Monthly Stock Photo Earnings for 2019

As always, thanks for your interest in my stock photography/footage journey. I am enjoying sharing the process with you. Please comment below for any additional thoughts or questions. Would love to hear from you!

Happy shooting,


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Monthly stock photo earnings for August 2019

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