How to: Quickly View Full Screen Preview in Premiere Pro

December 19, 2020

I used to work in a studio setting where a key person on our time might pop by my desk at any moment and want to watch a quick preview of what I was working on at the time.

I fumbled to quickly rearrange the frame size of my preview window, trying to make it as large as possible on my screen for a quick viewing.

If only there was a keyboard shortcut that could make your preview window full screen with the touch of a button...

In today's quick lesson, I'll show you how easy it is to jump into a full screen preview in Premiere Pro.

For beginner video editors, be sure to check out the rest of our quick Premiere Pro tutorials for beginners on the blog.

1 | Make Your Premiere Pro Project Full Screen

There's a super handy keyboard shortcut to completely fill your screen with the Premiere Pro editing program to start with.

All you need to do is hit (command \) to quickly fill up your entire screen, rather than having to painstakingly drag each side to fill it. (Hit control \ for PC users)

Hit Command \ to fill Premiere Pro workspace

Hit the same shortcut once more (command \) and it will remove the top program bar to enlarge the preview even more.

keyboard shortcuts to fill project window

2 | Make Any Window Full Screen in Premiere Pro

  • First, select which window you'd like to enlarge in Premiere Pro.
  • Hit the keyboard shortcut (`) to make that window full screen. Also called the grave accent key.
  • This button is usually paired with the tilde button (~) and found next to the number one button in the upper left corner of your keyboard.
  • Hit (`) again to return to normal viewing mode.
  • You can also double-click on the little area where the title of your project appears to enlarge this window.
Shortcut to make any panel full screen

Note: this method enlarges the window, but does not make it absolutely full screen as the borders from Premiere Pro will see appear.

Using this method allows you to see all the playback functions at the bottom of the screen, should you need them.

For the shortcut to make your preview window completely full screen (with no control buttons at the bottom), see the next method.

3 | Preview Your Video In Full Screen in Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro Keyboard shortcut for full screen viewing
  • Hold down the control key and then press the (`) key at the same time. Also called the grave accent key, often found with the 'tilde' key: ~ in the upper left hand corner of your keyboard.
  • Now you have a completely full screen display of your video.
  • Hit (control `) to return to normal viewing mode.

You can still use keyboard shortcuts to playback your video preview while in full screen mode.

Spacebar = PLAY/STOP





4 | How to View Full Screen on a Separate Monitor

If you have two monitors set up in your editing studio and would like one to be devoted to a full-screen playback of your video preview, here's how to do it.

1 | Navigate up to 'Premiere Pro' -> 'Preferences' -> 'Playback'

Playback preferences window in Premiere Pro

2 | A new window will open up with the following options. Make sure that 'Enable Mercury Transmit' is selected.

3 | Under 'Video Device' click all the monitors on which you'd like to display Premiere Pro.

4 | Hit 'OK' and drag your program window over to the separate monitor (if it doesn't do so automatically).

5 | You can now select that panel and hit command \ -OR- (ctrl \ for PC users) to fill up the entire monitor screen.

That's it! Pretty straightforward and easy. I hope this quick tutorial has helped you. Feel free to leave any questions or comments in the comment section below.

Now, I'm curious to see everyone's studio set up. Post a picture in the comments below and let us see how you like to edit!

Hi, I'm Beth.

I started Handcraft Films to give other filmmakers and photographers the gift of documenting their own stories for years to come. I hope you'll learn something new and share your creativity here.
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