Baby Grayson, a Fresh 48 Lifestyle Film


Baby Grayson, a Fresh 48 Lifestyle Film

Just a few days ago I got to do one of my favorite things: film a newborn. Like a brand new, less than two days old newborn.

For those who aren’t familiar, that’s what we photographers (and filmmakers) have termed a ‘Fresh 48’. It’s a session taken within 48 hours of baby’s birth, usually in a hospital, but sometimes at a family’s home a few days later as well. In any case, they are the best sessions (in my humble opinion). You can read about them in more detail here.

They are natural, raw, and authentic in nature and that’s why I love them. Plus I get to be around so many cute little ones.

Meeting Baby Grayson was no exception. He was a bit of a surprise to his family and arrived about two weeks early. When I first walked into the room all was quiet. I looked around expecting to see mom, dad, or granddad holding the baby. But I didn’t see him anywhere. And then I noticed the tiniest little bundle, wrapped up so tight and snuggly right in the middle of the hospital bed. A wee little baby boy named Grayson :)

So here is their story. Or at least the start of it. I hope you enjoy watching these first few moments as much as I enjoyed filming them.

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These are quick and easy sessions that you will hold on to forever. Gift it to yourself or to a loved one that’s expecting. If you’re interested in booking a session or just looking for more information, I would love to hear from you. You can contact me here or go ahead book a session below.

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