51 Best Cinematic Wedding Video Songs

51 Best Cinematic Wedding Video Songs

Wedding videos have come such a long way in the past decade or so.

The term ‘videographer’ used to come with a certain stigma. It went hand and hand with all the cheesy wedding videos made by uncles everywhere carrying around their 1990’s camcorders.

In my opinion, there are a few major factors that have changed the world of wedding videography. Aside from better video quality and a stronger focus on storytelling, the biggest step forward has been music options.

Choosing the right music for a film is SO important. Music sets the overall tone, feeling, and emotion from your video. It’s an important step that you don’t want to skimp on. It can make or break a film taking it from feeling cheesy and forced to inspiring, beautiful, and moving.

But picking the perfect song can be extremely time consuming. That’s why I’ve decided to share my top picks with you today.

I’ll be sharing with you a list of 51 of my absolute favorite songs to use, especially for wedding videos. For ease of use, I’ve broken them down into a few different genres to help you quickly sort through what will fit your video best.

By the way, if you want to dive even deeper into exactly how I pick just the right music for all types of films, you can check that out in more detail here.

Do wedding videographers need to use royalty free music?

Before we get in to it, let’s discuss whether or not you’ll be needing royalty free music and why this is important to distinguish from all other types of music. As a wedding videographer that is paid for your work and regularly shares that work online, yes, you absolutely need to be using royalty free music.

Royalty free music includes songs that have no copyright attached to them. This may be because you paid a certain price to use the song or because the author of the song decided to give it away for free.

Either way, using a royalty free song means that you can freely use the song in your video on youtube, your website, for distribution, etc. Of course you need to always read the fine print on the music you are using, I’m just letting you know generally what this means. Certain agreements may exclude use in TV commercials, for example, so just be sure to check.

As a wedding videographer, you’ve likely been paid for your work. In this case, you should absolutely lean on the side of caution and only use songs that are royalty free.

For this reason, I’ve decided to keep my list royalty free friendly and only included songs that are royalty free.

Thankfully royalty free no longer means canned, boring synthesizers like it once did. There are now amazing websites devoted to giving you amazingly fresh music from real artists that happens to be super affordable.

Where is the best place to find good and affordable royalty free music?

1 | Musicbed

I’m going to share with you my top TWO favorite sites for weddings songs. Honestly not even just wedding songs. I use these sites very often for short lifestyle family films and even corporate films as well. Another added benefit is that you can use either of these sites for songs to use in youtube videos as well, in case you want to make sure you have no copyright claims on your videos and can stay monetized.

My number one favorite is Musicbed.

I’ve been using this site since they first began many years ago. What I love about Musicbed is that all of their music is sourced from real artists. So none of the music feels like stock music (or cheesy, forced, corporate music). You know what I mean?

Also, it’s very affordable at only $10 per month for their base option.

If you use this link you can try it out for a month totally free.

Here are a few of my favorites from Musicbed.



2 | Soundstripe

Another great place to get wedding songs is through Soundstripe.

There are so many things I love about this site, but aside from simply having great music options it’s so easily accessible even for those just starting out with wedding videography.

I’m used to 5 years ago when it used to cost $200 a song. Thankfully, you can now find unlimited songs to use for $11 a month. You don’t have to be charging $2000+ a gig to justify that price. Obviously, you don’t have to be a wedding videographer to use Soundstripe. It’s great for vloggers, corporate videos, or the random family video at that price.

They were kind enough to give me a promo code to share with you all, so be sure to use ‘handcraftfilms’ at checkout for a 10% discount.

My favorite royalty free wedding songs

Ok, enough with the details, let’s get straight to the list.

Section 1 | Upbeat, positive, beautiful lyrics.

These songs are perfect in general for wedding films, especially for shots with the couple together, the guests during all the in-between moments, or right after the ceremony.

(Use ‘handcraftfilms’ at checkout for 10% off any of these songs if they work out for you.)

1. Brighter, Deeper, by VISITANTS – romantic, calm, reflective

2. On the Edge of a Moment, by Jessie Villa – romantic, hopeful

3. 7 Reasons, by Emorie – delightful, heart warming, romantic, cheerful

4. Wherever You Are, by Adrian Walther – romantic, heart warming, cheerful, happy

5. Dawn Awaits, by Cody Martin – building, hopeful, soaring, powerful

6. Humming, by Emorie – mellow, soothing, romantic, optimistic, sweet

7. As the World Spins On, by Emorie romantic, heart warming, reflective, beautiful

8. Lead You Home, by Emorie – beautiful, comforting, soft, calm

9. Don’t You Wanna, by Jessie Villa – happy, romantic, hopeful

10. Home, by Maor – mellow, soothing, romantic

11. Walking Back, by Aaron Sprinkle – comforting, hopeful, acoustic

12. Firestone, by Pete Stewart – calm, reflective, romantic

13. Raise a Voice, Hear It Echo, by Emorie – hopeful, happy, spiritual

14. Somebody Like You, by Half Measure – calm, happy, light-hearted

15. Apple Pickin, by Brent Wood – instrumental, romantic, calm

16. Lovelier, by Be Still The Earth – mellow, soft, soothing

Section 2 | Perfect for during the ceremony or vows.

These songs have no lyrics, so you’ll be able to hear vows clearly. They are beautiful, inspiring, and cinematic so that you can match the proper emotion of a couple during the most important and special moments of their lives.

17. I’ve Been There, by Alsever Lake – beautiful, mellow, acoustic

18. Lift Me Up, by Caleb Etheridge – dynamic, hopeful, powerful, atmospheric

19. Newborn, by Willow – moving, piano, soothing, reflective

20. Collision, by Gold Coast – mellow, soft, soothing, calm, reflective

21. Captivated by Her, by Cody Martin – tender, hopeful, dynamic

22. Anything But Ordinary, by Acreage – building, hopeful, beautiful

23. Retreat, by Gold Coast – inspiring, building, spacious, atmospheric

24. Self Lit, by Shane Becker – beautiful, inspiring, building, hopeful

25. Ave Maria, by Amanda Welch – classical, piano, reflective

26. Amazing Grace, by Caleb Etheridge – classical, violin, beautiful

27. The Traveler, by Adrian Walther – building, hopeful, inspiring

28. Rebirth, by Hill – beautiful, spacious, hopeful, inspiring, soaring

29. Celebration, by Stephen Keech – building, cinematic, quirky, happy

30. Wonderland, by Shimmer – epic, dynamic, beautiful

31. Much To Be Thankful For, by Alsever Lake – acoustic, mellow, hopeful

32. Montauk, by Dressers – hopeful, upbeat, acoustic

33. At First Sight, by Sounds Like Sander – comforting, calm, soft, romantic

34. Bloom, by Be Still The Earth – mellow, acoustic, soft, romantic

Section 3 | Upbeat and fun, perfect for right after ceremony, cocktail hour, or reception.

Here’s where you can have a little fun. Match the personality of the couple – are they funky, old school, laid back? Here are a few options that will be great for dancing and having fun towards the end of the wedding.

35. Sweet Soweto, by Cast of Characters – retro, quirky, fun, carefree, happy

36. Feelings That I Know, by August Anderrsun – energetic, dynamic, driving

37. Sunny Side Up, by The Night Train – slow jazz, romantic, soulful, soft

38. Cheeseburger, by Nitro – upbeat, funky, high energy

39. Megaphone (Shine a Light), by Jessie Villa – romantic, cruising, carefree, fun, upbeat

40. Lucky Kentucky, by The Night Train – relaxing, soulful, retro, calm (great for toasts/mingling)

41. Catalina, by Tru Genesis – fun, dynamic, energetic

42. Join the Parade, by Sounds Like Sander – happy, upbeat, fun, joyful

43. Pineapple Bonanza, by Avocado Junkie – cheerful, fun, happy

44. Never Let You Go, by My Buddy Mike – dance, energetic, carefree

45. Penny Pinocchio, by BRASKO – fun, happy, driving

46. Teapop, by PALA – dance, energetic, upbeat, bouncy

47. Don’t Worry About Tomorrow, by Fairlight – upbeat, happy, fun

48. No Worries, by Caleb Etheridge – hopeful, cheerful, optimistic

49. Cotton Candy Clouds, by Mikey Geiger – dance, club, fun, energetic

50. Blueridge Jig, by Caleb Etheridge – bluegrass, upbeat, cheerful

51. An Enterprising Evening, by Fairlight – dance, upbeat, funky beat

Share your work with us!

I hope this list has helped you narrow down some great music to use in your wedding films (or other types of films as well). I’m so curious to see what you come up with. Please share a link with me in the comments below!

Happy shooting!


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