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5 Tips: What to Wear for your Photography Session [athens ga family photographer]


If I had to rank my most frequently asked questions, this would definitely be in the top five. So, I thought I'd offer a few quick and easy guidelines that will help you prepare for your family, maternity, or newborn photo session.


During our shoot, I am going to be encouraging you to move around a good bit. We may be sitting on the ground, walking in the grass, tossing and twirling kiddos in the air, etc. So comfort is key. You may want to dress up a little more than normal, and I encourage you to do so - just make sure you are still free to move around and have fun doing it.


Matching siblings can be really adorable. But a family of four that matches... is a little too much. So, you want to look cohesive, like you belong together, but you don't want to totally match. It helps to pick a color palette of two or three complimenting colors and then dress everyone accordingly.

As a rule of thumb - start with neutrals and then add one or two colors. See below for a great example of a neutral color palette of blue and gray tones with a bit of blush color which works really nicely to warm things up a bit. These colors tend to look nice on all skin tones.

nice color palette
image by jen gagliardi

image by jen gagliardi


Patterns and textures add another layer of interest and depth to an image. A knitted sweater or scarf, a flowing dress, or a pop of color in a flannel shirt - these are all examples of a little something extra. Just be careful not to add more than one or two of these elements at a time. A little can go a long way, and too many elements at once can become distracting.

image by sonia bourdon

image by sonia bourdon

image by when he found her

image by when he found her

If you have one element with a strong color or pattern - use that as a guideline for picking the rest of the items. Pull two or three colors from that element to use in the other articles of clothing. Below you can see strong patterns, but they all pull from the same color palette of blues, greens, and a little pop of orange.



Finish things off with a little pop of color through a scarf, necklace, or hat. It's another great way to add even more interest and personality to your photos. Again, as a rule of thumb, keep it to one or two bold accessories at a time.

image by olivia leigh

image by olivia leigh


I offer these tips as guidelines and inspiration, not as hard and fast rules. If none of these ideas feel right to you, by all means do what feels best to you. At the end of the day, it's not so much about the clothes. It's about capturing your family. I want your true personalities to shine through. Try not to stress about it. Just dress like yourselves and have fun with it!

I hope these tips give you a good place to start. For more inspiration, feel free to visit my pinterest board on what to wear. I am available before your shoot to help answer any questions - including questions about planning your wardrobe.