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What is a fresh 48 photography session? [athens newborn photographer]

hospital fresh 48 session

A fresh 48 session is essentially a newborn session that takes place during the 48 hours after a baby is born. This usually happens in the hospital, but it can also be at another location where the birth took place - at home or a birthing center, for example.


This is likely one of the most exciting, tiring, sweetest, and overall memorable times of your life. My goal is to capture this precious time in it's truest form. I photograph you and your baby just as you are - snuggling, swaddling, diaper changes, hospital bracelets, and all the spontaneous moments that happen along the way.

Families often want an older sibling there to meet the little one, with some new family photos together. I also make sure to capture all those tiny newborn fingers, toes, and wrinkles.


What to wear: some moms embrace the glow of new life and are photographed hours after giving birth, still in their gowns. Other moms prefer to wait until discharge day, when they've had a chance to shower and change clothes. This is absolutely a personal decision. 

How long will it take: I know just how exhausted you are, so I do my best to keep these sessions as quick and easy as possible. I usually have more than I need within an hour or less. I go with the flow as nurses come in and out, baby needs to eat, surprise visitors, etc.


Go ahead and contact me as soon as you can, so I can answer any more questions you may have as well as get a tentative date booked. I know births are somewhat unpredictable, so I leave my schedule flexible during the 2-3 weeks around your due date. I keep in close contact leading up to that date, so there are (hopefully) no big surprises.

These are some of my favorite sessions, and I am so looking forward to meeting you and sharing in this incredible time with you.