My Favorite Camera Accessories


KUVRD Universal Lens Cap

If you’ve ever lost a lens cap then you know how it expensive it can actually be to replace one. Instead, I highly recommend this unique idea. I’ve also found these to be a great option for traveling as the material is soft and provides a little extra cushion to your lens, especially for those that sometimes just throw a lens in a bag (guilty->me).


Best On Camera Microphone: Rode VideoMic Pro+ Compact Directional On-Camera Shotgun Condenser Microphone

If you are shooting home videos, family vacations, documentary style films where you are always on the move, this mic is the best choice. It fits on the shoe mount on top of your camera and picks up high quality audio so you don’t have to worry about wires and extra connections on your characters.

I love Peak Design stuff

You are about to discover how much I absolutely love this brand. Their product design is just the best. They have an integrated system that just makes everything work together so flawlessly and the materials are solid, high quality stuff. I’ve owned their gear for over 5 years and never had a single issue. Here are a few of my favorite products from them.


Peak Design Cuff Camera Wrist Strap

Perfect for smaller sized cameras where you just want easy access and ability to hold while you work. Also provides a nice bit of extra support for handheld video shots.


Peak Design Leash Camera Strap (small version)

Proprietary connectors are so perfect for video shoots when I want to easily and quickly take off my camera strap to put the camera on a slider, gimbal, or tripod. You can do this in seconds by clicking these notches on and off. Also so quick and easy to adjust the length of the camera strap on the fly.


Peak Design Black Slide Camera Strap (big version)

Same idea as above, just a thicker, more substantial size for heavier cameras.


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